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Finding your optimum position on the bike is fundamental for Comfort, Performance and Injury Prevention

Our Physiotherapy Bike Fit is a comprehensive assessment by an experienced and qualified Physiotherapist.

The assessment will determine the most suitable position for YOUR body on YOUR bike, to ensure optimum cycling efficiency and performance.

Physiotherapy Bike fit is suitable for all types of bikes including MTB, road, triathlon and commuting.

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Physiotherapy Bike fit has four main stages:


Thorough cycling and medical history will be taken to highlight any potential problems, a comprehensive cycling musculoskeletal assessment is undertaken to measure range of movement, muscle lengths and complete relevant functional tests.


Slow motion video capture and angle measurement whilst you cycle on a static turbo trainer.


Discussion of assessment findings and recommendations, any agreed modifications are then made to your bike.


Final video capture to record new position and measurements, provision of home exercise programme if necessary, production of reports.