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Recent advances in the areas of neuro-science and pharmacology have meant that pain management has become a specialty in its own right within medicine. 


Therapy has had to evolve along side this and as a result the area of pain management is a specialism within physiotherapy.  Over fifteen years or so there has been a great deal of research to try and explain why it is that some people have pain that persists beyond a time frame of physical recovery – that is to say people can appear to be physically normal but exhibit very high levels of life affecting pain.  Pain doctors, who have usually specialised from the area of anaesthetics, have a number of tools that they can utilise to try and either block these unhelpful pain signals or reduce them to a manageable level.  But for long term results this needs to be accompanied by appropriate well targeted physiotherapy treatment. 

At activ8rehab we have noticed that there has been a trend in recent years within physiotherapy to take what is known as a ‘hands off’ approach to treatment.  Many reading this may have already experienced this with very little physical treatment in favour of exercises and encouragement.  This has always seemed somewhat counter intuitive to us and over the years we have found that in conjunction with medical pain management, a combined approach of manual ‘hands on’ treatment and exercise when appropriate have yielded consistently good results.  This is always a team approach, with the patient at the centre of that team.


Chris Dobson - Physiotherapist (Specialist in Pain Management)

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