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Pilates is an exercise technique which can help you to strengthen, elongate and rebalance your body, changing the way you look, feel and move. Also great for back pain, Pilates offers postural alignment and overall muscle performance.


Based around the anatomical understanding of the body’s muscular and skeletal systems. Pilates works by targeting the deep postural muscles, rebalancing and correctly aligning the body, improving posture and achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Lady doing Pilates

Pilates is both a physical and mental workout and can teach you how to be in control of your body. This makes it ideal for athletes looking to enhance their performance and avoid the risk of injury and is a great way to help you rehabilitate after injury, particularly if you suffer from back problems. As you progress and get a better understanding of how your body should move you can expect to see longer term results.

Pilates class 1

1:1 Sessions

In order for you to get the most from exercises they should be tailored to your own personal needs. 1:1 sessions can give you the personal attention, which will help you to make changes in your body more quickly.

2 people stretching together


Our classes are run with a maximum of four people in a class. We ask that before attending a class you do have at least one 1:1 session to ensure that you understand the basics and that it is safe for you to work within a class environment.


Each class lasts for 1 hour and is booked in advance through reception.

Pilates class 2
Pilates class 1

Reformer Pilates uses spring loaded equipment to enhance the core stability training, enabling a more dynamic element to the pilates programme.


The reformer and chair equipment add resistance or assistance to particular exercises increasing the variety and potentially the intensity of the workout.